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I am Katie and I am a professional Graphic Designer and Photographer. I am a proud graduate of the University of Houston with a BFA in Graphic Communications and a minor in Art History. Growing up with a creative mother helped me to hone my artistic skills from an early age. I grew up painting everything from canvases to house furniture. If I wasn’t doing either of those, I was baking all sorts of things. I have been baking since I was 10 years old and still continue to bake frequently for family and friends. (And a wedding on occasion)

Since graduating, I have worked for a few marketing agencies around Houston. I have helped businesses and clients develop their brand systems while growing their design/marketing pieces. Helping brands communicate with those around them and how they reach out to their customers inspires me. Being a part of their journey and curating their story gives what I do every day irreplaceable value.


My father’s hobbies include woodworking and photography. His father taught him photography and developing photographs in a light room. I quickly showed interest in his camera ‘gadgets’ that he possesses, some from his father in the 1940’s. He then began to teach me about cameras and photography styles. I was only 12 years old when he got me my first point and shoot Nikon® camera. Nothing that had any magical bells and whistles but something I could easily take with me to friends and family parties to practice. This was my first digital camera. I would then proceed to go to the local Wal-greens with my saved money and developed my photos. We then would sit together and share some of our favorites that we took of that day, looking at the different angles and cropping of the photos.

When I began college, he gifted me with my first DSLR camera. I was in heaven. I immediately enrolled into photography classes and the rest is history. Since then, our camera collections have grown. He continues to use some of his old Minolta® lenses with Sony® bodies. Occasionally he will bring out one of his Canon® cameras. I love to experiment, shoot and play with his cameras; however, I still love and continue to use my Nikons.
Graphic design and photography go hand in hand. They are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the gouda to the mac and cheese, and the caffeine in the coffee. You can have each of them separately, but when you combine them, magic happens. Each one helps me push the boundaries and creativity skills for the other. Graphic design can stand alone with graphic illustrations, shapes, and vectors, but sometimes a perfectly captured image can add that extra punch. Also, graphic design helps me to sometimes step back and see how I need to photograph something in the right angle, light, or environment, to evoke the emotion I want to communicate and vice versa.
American Marketing Association (AMA) Crystal Award for Brand Guidelines / Style Guide | 2017
Keep Houston Beautiful Innovation Award | 2015

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