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Our CEO and Master Brander,

Katie Smetherman

I’m a Master Brand Strategist and graphic designer who provides YOU (lovely entrepreneur!) powerful visuals to stand out in your crowded market and attract your ideal clients.

I come across one too many entrepreneurs trying to do it all, putting the cart before the horse, and struggling to grow their business without getting the foundational work done like your BRANDING, VISUALS, AND USER EXPERIENCE.

These three elements are necessary for the success and growth of your business.

I take pride in helping entrepreneurs like you get clear on their branding, present visuals that set you apart from your competition, and help you both attract and retain clients through seamless user experience.

Simply put, this means that all the moving parts of your business will finally look and feel consistent and cohesive throughout all your platforms. It’s about time.

Get engaged & feel fabulous!

Leave the heavy lifting it to us!

Knowing where to start is hard, but we are here to make this process streamlined and effortless. We care about the success of your company and ensure that your brand represents YOU and your vision. Our team is lead by a master’s in brand strategy and communications CEO working hard so you can expect that your business will be visually consistent both digitally and in print.