I love brand identity systems

I always have! When I was studying at university, I immediately fell in love with how brands worked on a global level. Graphic Design has my heart and my soul. Everything from the print collateral to how the brand interacted with the users on web fascinates me and constantly pushes me to grow.

Do you have a project that you want to get off the ground or want some feedback? Reach out and send me a message! View some of my favorite projects below that I have had the honor of working on in my professional experience or on the respective services pages!

Website Design

Branding Systems



Print Design

Logo Design

3 Dimensional

UX/UI Design



For the Love of Photography

As the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. I believe that a candid smile is worth a thousand more. Photography has been a huge hobby of mine growing up that rapidly turned into a side hustle. Capturing people in their best selves and living their best life, brings me incredible joy. Let’s connect and get together to make something magical!

Life in Lavender

New Blog. New Brand. New Stories

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Life in Lavender 

Can’t get enough? Don’t worry about that! View my blog for more tips and tricks on design and marketing. I also have more stories on my travels and how I have traveled affordably as well! 

Free Downloads

Want to use some of my photos in your next piece? Well you are in luck! I am sharing some of my favorite photography pieces, FREE for download at one of my favorite sites, Unsplash. 

Take a look, love your favorite photos, download and use! And if you are super happy with them, please provide credit on your design with Smetherman Photography. 

For custom photography work, please send a request on the Contact page. 

Do you wear glasses?

Where are all my blind friends at!? I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old. I never truly loved my glasses until I found this brand of eye glasses. They make it so affordable and take the stress out of buying new frames.

What's the best part? I can get you $10 off your next purchase with the link below. And who doesn't love discounts?

Let's face it, we all are constantly staring at screens, whether it's our computers or our mobile devices. EyeBuyDirect also offer blue light protection on their lenses so that your eyes are never tired! Take it from me, adding this simple lens protection, definitely helps me keep going! 

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